Shattered Dreams
By Karen Miller 
A baby’s born, a baby dies.
A family laughs, a family cries.
Shattered hearts, shattered dreams,
there is no answer so it seems.
Oh my God, hear my cry,
why did you let my baby die?
Can we make it through this test?
We try our hardest, we do our best.
I ask God to help heal the pain,
I know my prayers are not in vain.
And as the grief from my heart lifts,
I know a SIDS baby is just a gift.
Ours to love for just a few days,
God’s gift to give and to take away.
God’s little angels everyone,
they spread their love and then they’re gone.
We will be together again you know,
it’s God’s plan, He promised us so.
So grieve not for the angel gone,
he’s in God’s arms, his final home.