By Laurie D'Acquisto 
The dreams we had for him
were so much bigger
than he will ever be.
Our dreams must now
be put away
like the clothes never worn.
We dreamed that maybe
he would make a difference
in the world.
But he never had the chance.
Instead he made
a difference
in our lives.
Strangers would never
that what was left behind
is like a piece to a puzzle,
from afar it blended in
with the others,
it was only when you looked
closely that you could see
the unique part that was
played in making something,
someone, what they are
and what they will be.
Our lives inexplicably
Forever altered.
We think of always,
what could be,
not what is.
We think of how much
we are missing
rather than what we have.
Maybe we could be some
of what our child would be
if still here
and in doing that
he would not have
lived in vain.