Earth Angel
By Margaret L. Morel 
Angel whispers,
calling from the depths of my subconscious sleep,
beckoning me to walk with them
in the ancient forest of love and peace.

I feel no fear, just love, and such eternal peace
as I pass through the lavender haze of the forest.

Hand in hand, the Angels lead me onward
into a beautiful meadow.
The farther I go, the lighter I feel-
as if I were just a thought in the Angel’s mind.

As our thoughts intertwine, they give me their names.
They tell me their spirit names, and mine.
I ask, “Why am I here
and why do I have a spirit name?”

Their answer is, “We are linked with you
because you are still earthbound
and you can help the ones we had to leave behind,
and because you are an Earth Angel of Old.

Your spirit name is ***** and if you choose to help,
this forest is our linking place until it is time
for you to pass through the Alpha and Omega of the Veil.
At that time, Christ will use you as well,
for many more earth callings.”

I did not even have to answer! They smiled and said,
”Thank you. It is done!”

And I remember only that the time I spent there
was what I always thought Heaven was like.
And as softly as they led me there,
they returned me back to earth and a restful sleep.

But somehow I know that they will return for me
and that my work for God has only just begun!