Happy Birthday
By Barbara and Walt Bradley 
In memory of Susan 
Her birthday was always the start of a holiday weekend.
And when she was at home with us, that meant a holiday cake.
Photos of her parties as a beautiful little girl turn into
Precious memories of her later birthdays as a lovely young woman.
Yet now those special days are behind us and this is her 5th birthday in heaven.

But we will continue to make this a special day each year,
In a way that she would want us to – because her joy of life and living
Remain very vivid in the healing memories we have of her.
Those who knew her as wife, daughter, sister and friend, recall
Her days that were filled with happiness and caring,
Doing what she liked to do best with friends and family,
And loving her new role as a Mother to “Jennie.”
Yes, she is gone from this earth and we miss her, but our love
will remain forever, and on this July 3rd, her 34th birthday,
we will again celebrate the memory of her life.