Dearest Mama
By Dawn Elmore - angel mom-Brantley 19 March 2006  
Dearest Mama,
I see how much you miss me and wish I weren't gone.
I took a part of you with me the day God called me home.
Please try to understand dear Mama, that we're not that far apart,
For I'll be forever near because I have your heart.
I know there's times you feel there's no reason to go on,
you wish you could be with me,
and you have been all along.
Just because I went home and I'm in the Master's hands
Doesn't mean I'm not still with you...
beside you's where I stand.
Plese try to understand dear Mama,
That I'll always love you so,
I can't stand to see you hurting so there's something you should know.
Each time you feel the sunshine upon your lovely face,
It's me smiling down upon you and touching you with God's sweet embrace.
Each night you're sad and lonely and the tears you can't control.
I'm right there beside you and I never will let go.
God told me to tell you that he knows your pain inside.
For he lost his son too, upon that cross he died.
He wasn't trying to hurt you by calling me home so soon,
there's just plans that he had for me that no one else could do.
I want to thank you dearest Mama, for all you gave to me,
But most of all, I thank God because you're the best mother one could be.
So, each time you think of me and tears fill your eyes,
when you feel like giving up,
just look up to the skies.
Life on earth is hard, I know, but you must be so strong.
For I'll be forever with you until God calls you home.
I loved you from the start and I love you still,
Please don't give up, Mama, for it's just not in God's will.
I never will forsake you, I'll be there everyday,
I'll hold you in my angel wings and guide you on your way.
Although, I'm gonna go now, remember it's not for long.
For I'll stand beside you through it all and I'm never really gone.
I love you more than words can say and I hate to know you feel so lost.
Just remember we will meet again cause Jesus left that cross.