Netzah (Eternity)
Could I have died so soon,
so soon that my cries
were silenced in your womb?

So soon that I’ll never touch
your breast nor feel
your hands caress
my brow?

So soon that you never got
to sigh and cry
sweet tears of joy,
for your first child,
your first born boy?
Could I have dies so soon?

I suspect not,
for I felt the passion
of your love around me
as my heartbeats slowed,
then stopped.

As I lay motionless,
I heard the misery
in your cries that
I would not be born alive
and wondered, why?
Yesterday father, you fathered me.
Today dear mother, you birthed m.
I was there, you were there.
We all stood witness.

I heard your whispers,
that you loved me.
I heard you tell each other
how beautiful I was viewed
in my eternal quietude.
I even felt your soft caress
as you held me to your breast.

On this morn, mourn not for me.
With ethereal grace I have a name.
I have a home, I have a life…
to live through all eternity.