Are You Listening?
Sharon J. Bryant 

Are you listening Lord
To what these parents have said?
Do you hear their faith in You
Each night as they go to bed?

Can you see the pain Lord,
That so many are going through each day
These are parents whose child has died
They're lost and can't find their way

Are you listening Lord
Do you see the tears they cry
None of us understand some things
Nor any of the reasons why

Our children are gone Lord
Taken from us in a flash
We had no warning given to us
Hopes of our futures were dashed

Can you feel the pain Lord
Of a parent whose child took their life
They need answers Lord
It's tearing apart husbands and wives

Were you in the hospitals Lord
With the ones whose child was ill?
They begged you to help them
As their hearts suddenly stood still

Were you with Me Lord
That day so long ago
When I begged you "Don't take my son"
Were you watching me down below?

Were you with me Lord
When I stood there by his grave?
I couldn't "feel" you there
Why, his life, didn't you save?

Have you been there Lord
On those nights I barely got by?
When I felt a hand on my shoulder
Was that You standing by my side?

Did you see me Lord
Five years later at another grave
When I said good by to my mom
When cancer took her life away?

Were you there with my family Lord
Five years ago when my brother left this land
I tried my best to help dad
When he cried and held my brother's hand

What do we do now Lord,
Where do we go from day to day?
How do we cope with our hearts broken
Lord, somehow You must show us the way

We need a miracle from you Lord
We need to know You can hear
We've lost the most precious thing to us
But how do we cope from here?

How do we learn to smile again
And how do we get through the years?
Is our lives forever filled with sadness
Do we ever stop shedding tears?

I know You lost Your Son Lord,
I know you sacrificed Him for Us
How did YOU go on Lord,
Who did You have to trust?

My life was changed so long ago
And nothing's been the same since then
I've survived, that's true
But at times, I find myself stumbling again

We hurt so much Lord,
As you very well know
We need You to help us, because this journey
Takes so long to go

Can you hear me Lord
I ask in memory of my son
I'll wait for You to call my name
And know my journey is done.

But give me the wisdom, whatever it takes
To help someone who is new
This is so hard to endure Lord
To give our child to You