Forever My Second Child
Ellie Ewens 
Payton Victoria Ewens ~ June 10 - 12, 2002 
I never got to see your pretty blue eyes
Did you know it was me holding you?
I never go to hear you cry
Did you hear me cry for you?
This wasn’t supposed to happen
You were healthy and full term
How did I not know?
Why didn’t I see this coming?
I am so sorry sweetheart
Were angels there to greet you?
Were you happy or scared?
In heaven, you will never get hurt
But I wanted to kiss our ouchies away
You will never be afraid
But I wanted to hold you
And tell you it was going to be okay
You will never have your heat broken
But I wanted you to cry on my shoulder
You will always be with me
But I wanted you to go away to college
You will never grow old
But I wanted to watch you mature
I feel so robbed
I don’t know whether to rejoice
Or scream out in anger
I have a child in heaven
But I wanted her on earth
Died from Group B Strep