For Gary
In loving memory of Gary Matthew Marconi 
You came to us in an instant
one bright, yet dark October Day
And in that same instant
you were taken away

And now it’s hard to believe
that one year has gone by
It’s hard to believe
there are still tears left to cry

Not a second goes by
that you’re not in my heart
That’s where I go to hold you
that’s where we are never apart

We know that you are watching us
from heaven – up above
We only pray that as you watch us
you’re feeling all our love

And as you look into our Father’s face
We ask that you, too, pray
That somehow your Mommy and Daddy
will make it through this day

Though we cannot celebrate this day
with a candle on a cake and a birthday song
know that the light you lit in our hearts
will forever stay on
Happy Birthday, Gary Matthew Marconi
Love, Mommy & Daddy
October 24, 1992