What Is Life About?
All my love, forever – Mom 
In memory of Matthew Thomas Cusick, 2/14/94 – 4/28/94 
Matthew, the ways you have touched our lives are deep and true.
You have taught us about the things that really matter.

Life is not about working our lives away, climbing the corporate ladder.
Life is not about getting upset at someone who cuts us off in traffic.
Life is not about worrying about paying the bills.
Life is not about judging others, as though we are better.
Life is not about “keeping up with the Jones’.”
Life is not about all of these petty things.

Life is about taking the time to enjoy every minute of every day.
Life is about sharing what we have with those who have not.
Life is about finding the beauty in everyone we meet.
Life is about taking the time to smell the roses.
Life is about appreciating all we have.
Life is about remembering life on this earth is not forever.
Life is about family, friends and faith.

Matthew…for all that life is, I thank you. Without you, I may still be
traveling through life with blinders on. Matthew, I love you, and even
though I still hurt so very deeply inside, I can tell you with all my heart
that I am a better person for having had you in my life.
In memory of Matthew Thomas Cusick, 2/14/94 – 4/28/94