Making Progress
Judy Osgood 
You Know You Are Making Progress When…
You can remember your child with a smile.
You realize the painful comments others make
are made in ignorance.
You can reach out to help someone else.
You stop dreading the holidays.
You can sit through a church service
without crying.
You can concentrate on something besides your child.
You can find something to thank God for.
You can be alone in your house without it
bothering you.
You can talk about what happened to your child
without falling apart.
You no longer feel you have to go to the
cemetery every day or every week.
You can tolerate the sound of a baby crying.
You don’t have to turn off the radio when his or
her favorite music comes on.
You can find something to laugh about.
You can drive by the hospital or that intersection
without screaming.
You no longer feel exhausted all the time.
You can appreciate a sunset, the smell of newly-mowed
grass, the pattern of a butterfly’s wings.