By Patti Fochi 
The wedding has passed
and John’s family had gathered at Cheryl’s for
a family picnic.
They all sat waiting for the “late” guests to arrive
and they complained about how late it was
and that they knew they were supposed to be here
an hour ago!
And the complaining grew constant
and the bickering grew louder.
And pretty soon it was a family fight
and barbs being thrown at each other right and left.
John had been listening to all of this going on
and suddenly yelled
“My son has died, and all you can do is fight!”
He threw himself on the ground and wept.
Then they all looked at their feet, or their hands,
or the food.
Anywhere other than at John
who was still weeping on the ground.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity,
yet only a few seconds,
a new brother-in-law picked John up off the ground
and half-carried him away.
No one looked up.
I wished at that moment I could have sprouted wings
and gathered John and Amber in my arms
and flown away.
John came back, and the evening went on.
Still no one spoke to John of his sadness and loss.
I wept inside for this man I love
who was so alone that night.