Linda Gervais, Victoria’s Grandma 
In memory of Victoria Lynn Blackbird 
You were only 17 when you came to me,
You looked as nervous as could be.
You said, “Mom, remember how you couldn’t understand
How parents would not lend a helping hand.
To their daughter, pregnant and alone
They wouldn’t let her live at home.
You always said you would be there for us
And you would never make a fuss.”

You looked so sad, I could tell right away
That there was a baby on the way.
You said, “I know I’m a disappointment to you.”
When the only thought was you can still graduate in June.
Because you see our new family member
Was not due until September.
So my heart grew to love the child
That moved and kicked so wild.

You shared every movement with me
That I knew she had a great personality.
I looked forward to the big event.
I knew she would be heaven-sent.
It was almost your due date
And we all couldn’t wait.
Then one day the doctor said
“I’m sorry Amy, your baby is dead.”
I hurt so bad for both of you,
I felt I was being torn in two.

They told us it was the law of the town
We had to bury her in the ground.
We buried her in your baptismal dress
Because we thought it was the prettiest.
She’s buried close to my family
In Elmhurst cemetery.
Now I know I will never hear
Those beautiful words, “Grandma, I’m here!”