Never The Same
By Susan L. Price 
This poem is dedicated to Jesse Lee Price born July 28, 1988 – Died July 29, 1988. 
They told me you weren’t perfect,
but that didn’t matter,
They said you were sick and
it made me feel sadder.

Every time I felt you kick and flutter,
I loved you more and more
Sweetheart, I’m your mother.

I loved you my precious one
right from the start, and
when they said you were gone
it broke my heart.

So little, so precious,
So beautifu1, so sweet,
It’s funny how I remember
you had such tiny feet.

You were perfect all over
from your head to your toes,
God how it hurt
when I had to let you go.

I miss you so much,
I can’t sleep at night,
I wish you were here
I would hold you so tight.

I would love you and kiss you
and keep you warm,
I would never let anyone
do you any harm.

I miss you so bad,
I can’t stand the pain,
They don’t understand
my life will never be the same.