For Rachel And For Those Who Miss Her Very Much
By Vicki Lawson Carlson, mother of Rachel Carol Carlson, who was stillborn June 20, 1989.  
These days just come.
Violent rains on a hot summer day.

We were laughing children at play.
Unaware. Without warning.

We were caught up in the fury, the center of a storm.
I couldn’t feel her.
We couldn’t hear her.
We couldn’t save her.
Terror and tears as we walked through
the valley of the shadow of death.

We must rest now.
The storm is over.
We can see her.
We can hold her.
She is ours.
She is beautiful.
Our Heavenly Father has set a rainbow
in the cloud.

These days just come.
Our baby’s funeral on a hot summer day.

These days just come.
They are no one’s fault.
“Dear Father above, like a shepherd who will tend His flock, gather our little Rachel with your arm and carry her in your bosom, and gently lead us, your weeping children, for we miss her very much.”