With all my love, Grandma
By Nana, the grandmother of Doug & Sherri Scherf’s Baby Boy 
Little baby, little baby,
God has taken you away.
Oh, how empty are our hearts now,
gone our hopes in just one day.

You were planned for, loved and hoped for,
Long before we felt you move.
All our dreams are crushed in grief now,
By the loss of our baby love.

Little Angel, little Angel,
You have gone to be with God.
And our hope is that we’ll see you,
Someday on the other side.

Did we dream that this could happen?
Or that you would go away,
Taking all our treasured dreams of
holding you Thanksgiving Day.

And the day was in October,
When you had to go away.
And our hearts feel like they’re breaking,
For our son who’s gone today.

Baby boy, oh baby boy,
Mom and Dad want you to know,
That the sadness that we’re feeling
Starts our tears to overflow.

But that grief has strengthened our love,
For each other and for you.
And our faith and love are deepened,
For the God who loves you too.

Little son, oh little son,
Visions of what might have been,
Flood my heart and I can see,
A tall young man of 23.

Strong, courageous, handsome, wise,
The very pride of his father’s eyes.
Deeply saddened as I see,
These dreams of you can never be.

For the day was in October,
When you had to go away.
And our hearts feel like they’re breaking
For our boy who’s gone away.

Little Rosebud, little Rosebud,
You were meant to bloom with God.
The fairest rose in heaven’s bouquet,
Lest on earth you’d have to trod.

Chosen one October morning,
Angels carried you away,
to a life of love and beauty,
happy for eternity.

But our hearts feel like they’re breaking,
Our baby son has gone away.
For it was in mid-October,
God plucked you for his bouquet.