To Michael Jude
By Kathleen Bragle  
Dear child of mine
buried deep in my heart,
it is time for me to let go.

Those deep, and less caverns
which are my love for you
ache and say and throb.

Your short presence
a heart beat is all I have
encompasses me, surrounds me,
envelopes me
with such pain and longing,
I can hardly beat it.

But it is time for me to move on
not to say goodbye
(I couldn’t do that)
but take a small step AWAY.

No fear that I shall forget,
for I carried you in your short-lived time
and even in the silence of your death.
The pain I feel is love-in flutterfit, it
reaches every part of me shaking, twisting
me into such contortions, strangling me.

I shall never forget it was you and I
but now it is I alone who must not die.
But breathe and sigh.

From you I must move on and from your
little heart receive the strength to love
again but never forget.