Life Goes On?
By Colleen O’Gara 
Life goes on, thought I don’t know why…
You are not even here in my arms
The way I dreamed you’d be
While I carried you inside of me.

Life goes on, I just can’t understand
Why I’ll always have to live my life
Wondering how you and Timmy would have been
Instead of watching you grow with him.

Life goes on, I cannot believe
That I can still exist at all
With my aching heart and emptiness
I’ll never be able to “accept” your death.

Life goes on, how can that be
When you’re not even here for me to hold
To touch, cuddle, and love you
The way a mommy should and needs to do?

Life goes on, why is that so?
When I never got to hear you cry
And I will never see your smile
Or ever bring you home, my sweet little Kyle.

Life goes on, days still come and go
I can barely even breathe
When I think of all I will never see
To never know you or you to know me.

Life goes on, even when I feel I cannot
I long so much to have you here
That it’s hard to believe you are gone
And I will always wonder…

Why life goes on…
…without you.

I love and miss you Kyle,
my precious little angel.

Love forever,