Would Have Been
By Kerry Ferreira 
This year you would have been 4 years old

Your sister Ashley is in kindergarten,
you would have been in preschool

You have a baby brother Nicholas now;
you would have been his older sister

We took a family portrait of four this year;
you would have been our number 5

For Halloween we were football team,
you would have been our second cheerleader

Ashley is in her third year of dance class,
you would have been in your first year

Everyone thinks Nicholas is my second child;
you would have been my second

You would have been my daughter Courtney;
instead you are my daughter, the Angel

Time has moved on and so have I. However, a piece of my heart has stopped.
I am holding my soft serene, beautiful little girl as she floats into the clouds of Heaven.

Although I long for all the WOULD HAVE’S, I am grate¬ful for the time I did have and look forward to the time when I can see and hold her again.