By Gwen Flowers 
What do I have to be thankful for?
Families coming together to feast –
I don’t feel like a family anymore.

Thanking God?
Thankful is the last thing I feel.
All of those hollow recitations...
He knows they aren’t real.

Oh, alright.
I’ll look hard at my life and my heart.
Perhaps there is one small thing
I can be thankful for, in part.

Can I be thankful for family
When my little one has died?
Can I be thankful for smiles
After all the tears I’ve cried?

How can I feel thankful
When my life has changed so much?
How can I thank God
For the longing for her touch?

That tiny touch, so soft and warm
That touch that left behind
A mark upon my soul, my heart
Like no other kind.

Oh yes, I’m thankful for that touch,
And for that piece of time
I had that precious life with me
And it was part of mine.

Thank you God.
For the time I had with my baby.
Thank you for the mark upon my heart
Thank you for the changes in me.