A Christmas Card for Robbie
By Kathleen Paley Smith  
It's the night before Christmas, we're all filled with joy,
Except when we think of you, little boy.
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care,
And in our hearts it's as if you were here.
My children are sleeping, in their bedrooms they lie,
But we're still filled with grief for our baby that died.
You see, this Christmas you would have been two,
But every Christmas I know we'll miss you.
As I wrap up the presents my thought are on you,
And what we'd have bought if you were here, too.
A car, a ball, a red fire truck?
Or maybe a rabbit's foot to bring you good luck.
The tree is all trimmed with bright colored balls,
And decorations hang on all of the walls.
It looks so pretty - - I wonder if you see
Your Christmas ball we've hung on the tree.
I made it for you before you were here,
Not knowing I'd hang it with eyes filled with tears.
Tomorrow is Christmas, I'll try not to be sad;
I'll count all my blessings and try to be glad,
You've not a part of our future - -
you were a part of our past
And someday I know we'll be together at last.