Garden of Stone
By Michael Kaner, 1998 
In loving memory of Max Kaner, January18, 1991 – February 7, 1993 
He wiped away the snow
And laid down a single rose.
Thinking of what might have been.

Another tear falls in the
garden of stone…

He could have been president,
A ballplayer or won a Nobel prize.
But it’ll never come to be,
And we’ll never look into his eyes.

Another tear falls in a
garden of stone…

We watched the tubes and wires,
And they said that he was gone.
A life snuffed out too early,
Never to see another dawn.

Another tear falls
In the garden of stone.
Another day passes
And they’re all alone.

The world gets older
But he’s still two.
And we dream of things,
He’ll never do.

He’ll never ride a two wheeler,
Or take a bus to school.
All we have are our memories,
We’ve lost our precious jewel.

Never play in little league
Never steal a first kiss,
We think of all those things
He’s going to miss.

Never go to college,
Never walk down the aisle,
Never know the joys of parenthood.
We miss him all the while.

Another tear falls in the garden of stone.