Stepping Stones
Author Unknown 
Come, take my hand, the road is long
We must travel by stepping-stones.
No, you’re not alone; I’ll go with you.
I know the road well; I’ve been there.
Don’t fear the darkness, I’ll be with you.
We must take one step at a time.
But remember, we may have to stop awhile,
It is a long way to the other side
And there are many obstacles.
We have many stones to cross; some are bigger than others.
Shock, denial, and anger to start.
Then come guilt, despair and loneliness.
It’s a hard road to travel, but it must be done.
It’s the only way to reach the other side.
Come; slip your hand in mine.
What? Oh yes, it’s strong. I’ve held so many hands like yours.
Once, you see, I had to take someone’s hand
In order to take the first step.
Oops! You’ve stumbled; go ahead cry,
Don’t be ashamed, I understand.
Let’s wait here awhile and get your breath.
When you’re stronger we’ll go on, one step at a time.
There’s no need to hurry.
Say, it’s nice to hear your laugh. Yes, I agree,
The memories you shared are good.
Look, we’re halfway there now. I can see the other side,
It looks so warm and sunny.
Oh, have you noticed; we’re nearing the last stone
And you’re standing alone!
And look, your hand, you’ve let go of mine!
We’ve reached the other side.
But wait, look back, someone is standing there.
They are alone and want to cross the stepping-stones.
I’d better go, they need my help.
What? Are you sure?
Why, yes, go ahead, I’ll wait.
You know the way; you’ve been there.
Yes, I agree, it’s your turn,
To help someone else cross the stepping-stones.