Gift from God
An angel was sent from heaven above,
A special one that would bring much love,
God knew that this precious life would be short
So he looked around for a tender heart.

He made his choice and the gift was sent
In what seemed like a moment the angel went,
Leaving treasured memories, & a heart full of pain,
A void, an abyss, tears flowed like rain.

Wait just a moment, I wish you could see,
The wonderful thing that's happened to me.
Jesus was waiting, His arms opened wide,
And he and his angels bought me inside
Such a beautiful place that I cannot describe,
A new home for me from the moment I died.

I'll wait here for you, so dry up your tears,
And go bravely on with your life free from fears.
Know that God's near you to help and to guide,
He'll never desert you, He's there by your side.
So speak to him daily from inside your heart,
And let him assure you, we're not really apart.