My Precious Baby Girl
My precious little baby girl whom no one really met;
My little dream inside of me carried away by angels as I wept.
I long for my departed child to laugh and cry and love and feel;
This pain and suffering and emptiness is real.
I am mother without a child;
Or am I just a lost soul, unlucky, frenzied, and wild?
My future was my baby and my baby was my dream;
My future is uncertain now and I feel so desperate I could scream.
My anguish is so intense and my loss cannot be erased;
My only sense of comfort is that she is in a better place.
How can a cold tomb be “better” than my womb?
The tears keep flowing and I have no way of knowing;
Time, time, time, I’m told will help heal the pain;
Faith, love and trust will help keep me sane.
The angel comes in the middle of the night with tingling at my chest;
I wake to greet the sadness again with warm milk flowing from my breast.
Where are you baby? Will you come back again?
I can only hope and pray that you were meant for another day;
Two years have passed now and the pain still comes and it goes;
The tears flow heavy again when rekindled through the eyes of another one’s woes.
My baby girl, you would have been two;
Expecting a baby cousin this December who should have been due.
We mourn for the babies that we nurtured and cared for;
And we grasp for answers and search for something much more.
The world is not perfect and it is full of sorrow;
We can only wish for a happy tomorrow.
“A person is a person no matter how small”;
I did lose a person, but I would not change it at all.
Through the journey of loss, I have learned to trust, love, and cope;
And I have found my own redemption in the blissful eyes of Hope.