Do You Have Any Children?
By Cary Carlisle 
“Do you have any children?”
That is a question people often ask,
Sometimes it is hard to answer,
And I am quite taken aback.

The answer is always “Yes,
But as you can see they are not here with me.
God chose to take them early,
So twin Angels they will forever be.”

“Do you have any children?”
This question I can answer with pride.
“My boys are beautiful and happy,
Because in Heaven is where they reside.”

Their lives began very difficult,
God did not want them to suffer.
So he called them home to Heaven,
But I will always be their Mother.

“Do you have any children?”
The question that stops my heart,
Is always answered with a smile,
Because we have a bond that will never part.

To strangers on the street,
Or to family or friends,
I am not the person I used to be
Because of my two Angel twins.