…How Many Children Do You Have?
By Bobby Miller 
In Memory of Kaitlin Jordan and Meghan Leigh Miller Born still September 18, 1997  
When I meet people they ask how many children I have from the start,
Sometimes I say two, but I know I have an additional two in my heart.
Oh, what I’d give to say I have four,
and say this terrible thing didn’t happen once more.
My little twin angels, people say you weren’t meant to be,
but what they need to realize is that you are forever a part of me.
Each one of has taken a piece of me as you leave,
and this is something no one dares to believe.
These are the people who create so much pain,
but don’t worry children I fight to stay sane.
My little twin angels I want you to stick together,
for one day in the future I’ll be there forever.
I’m sorry my angels this is the way it has to be,
I didn’t leave you,
But for some reason you had to leave me,

Sadly missed and always in our hearts,
Mommy, Alexandra (8/98) and Baby Jared (8/00)