Fine Print
A tiny angel dwells in Heaven
Who came and stole our heart,
Here but just an instant
Before you had to part.
We thought we read the directions
Promised we’d give loving, gentle care,
Never did we read the fine print
Which God in all his wisdom placed there.
For if we had read the fine print
On the bottom of your card,
Somehow this might all make sense
Or at least wouldn’t be so hard.
Because in that tiny fine print
He told us that you had angel wings,
And would have to leave us
In order to teach us other things.
You taught us about love and courage
When we must learn to let go,
All this in the tiny fine print
That all of us have to one day know.
Now you know no sorrow
Happiness instead of pain,
Though we wish we had another chance
To hold you once again.
Then we sit and think about it,
Know that once wouldn’t be enough
To hold you and to love you
And giving you up again would be too tough.
So stay where you are sweet angel
We’ll meet you again someday,
But we’ll know to read the fine print
The rest of our way.