Another Year
By Jacinta Betts 
In memory of Mia Alexandra 
Now, you are two
It’s been too long without you
I want to see your smile
Although, it will be awhile
Your laughter I will miss
Oh, how I wish I could hug and kiss
Yet another birthday
Yet another holiday
My baby girl is far away
Not a moment goes by
That I don’t want to scream and cry
If you were here, it would be great
To honor you and celebrate
Ripping open your gifts and toys
Your Daddy and I could feel the joy
The candles you would blow
Just watching you live and grow
This thought I will always keep
You will never be forgotten
Even while you are asleep

My love for you grows deeper everyday,
Mia – “My Bumpkin”
Forever your mommy
Happy 2nd birthday and Merry Christmas,
our sweet, precious baby girl.

By Jacinta Betts, mommy to Mia Alexandra, December 23, 2002