For Beautiful Little Makalie
By Holly Beech 
In memory of my cousin Makalie Jane Herzog 
Your life has touched my heart in so many ways.
That is why it is so hard to let you go.
Your sweet little smile has not only made me laugh,
but it has reminded me of the blessings God bestows.

Your tiny little fingers that I’ve held so many times,
remind me of how God holds everything in his hands...
every life... every heart... every soul.

Your precious feet and baby toes remind me
To always walk in God’s ways,
No matter how hard the winds of life blow.
Your beautiful deep blue eyes remind me to seek
God and to watch for his miracles
that always show.

Makalie, you are one of God’s precious and in¬credible miracles,
Like a little angel sent from heaven to bless our lives, and you have.
In our hearts, your life will glow.