My Precious Son
By Melissa Delgado 
In memory of my son Tyler 
My little boy, so quickly you came into my life.

Too quickly you left. It seems like just yesterday and a lifetime ago all at once.
I never heard you cry, you voice was silent before you reached the air.

My head plays new games with me, dark in the night.
Sometimes it is a cry, other times a giggle, a sweet “mama”,
a breeze of air by my face from precious angel wings.

I never saw your precious smile.
I imagine in my mind what that glorious look may be.
I see it in my dreams, in a flower, in the sky…in my heart.

I never heard you breathe as you slept on my chest or in your room.
You slept without breath far too soon.
I know you were at peace…in a place where your breath is life.

Each day I wonder if you know how much you are loved.
My spirit is with you. My love, my heart, my being.
I know that you are just a whisper away and hear each and every “I love you”.

I died with you that day, my precious Tyler.

My heart beats a rhythmic pattern, a mother’s love beating despite the pain.
Expressing my love for you in acts for others.

Each breath I take seems painful to my body, to my soul.

I held my breath that day, in hopes that you would take it and use it for your own.
I know that you couldn’t, and my breath is not mine to give.

My soul will never be the same.

My heart is still broken, my eyes still filled with tears, my arms are empty.
My strength someday is present, others not. The process is cruel.

I will never be the same, I miss you beautiful angel.

I am a mom…and no one acknowledges. I am a mom… Then I will acknowledge you ever chance I get.