Even Strong Men Cry
By Charlene Dickerson, 2001 
You think because he’s a man
He shouldn’t feel the pain
Of having his heart broken
And tears that fall like rain

Men, you say are stronger
And never show their fears
They don’t let life destroy them
A fortress through the years

Let me tell you of a battle
Waged daily on this dad
Leaving his heart in shreds
With no happiness to be had

Death came to call and
Took his loving son
It left his heart broken
His world undone

This battle has him crying
And crawling on his knees
If you listen you can hear him
Begging, ‘‘Why God, please?”

He sees what it has done
To his children and his wife
As they live daily
With grief’s never ending strife

Now his closest friend... his son
Lives beyond the sky
When death comes to take your child...