You Miss Her Too
By Kimberly Loggins-Marshall  
In memory of Audrey Sinclare Marshall (February 6, 2000-March 6, 2000)  
When the baby was in Mommy’s stomach you would feel every kick
“Mommy your stomach is so big-are you sick?”
As we drove to the hospital when it was time for the baby to be born,
You sat in the back seat screaming, “ Daddy hurry-blow your horn!”
When Mommy was screaming in pain, you would comically scream too
You are so charming and funny, can’t help but LOVE YOU!
When Daddy brought you into the delivery room to meet your “new” baby sister
“Oh Mommy, Daddy she is soooo cute! I just want to kiss her!”
As the nurse began to clean and check her,
You yelled and demanded, “Hey lady, BE CAREFUL!”
When baby sister was placed in Mommy’s arms to receive her first nourishment
You would rub her chestnut hair and smell her sweet scent
When you and Daddy left the hospital to go home,
You said, “Wait Daddy! We can’t leave mommy and baby sister here alone.”
Mommy and Daddy had to assure you that you’d be able to return the next day
You shouted, “But, big brother wants to stay!”
When you and your Daddy returned to the hospital the following afternoon,
I could hear you coming and walking down the halls saying
“Can we take baby sister home soon?”
As you and Mommy stayed home alone with the baby while Daddy went to work
You were so helpful with caring for your baby sister, you assisted with her shirt
You loved and adored your baby sister even when she was mad
When she only wanted to be held by her Mommy, that made you feel very sad
You would look at every part of her chubby body
When it was time for her diaper to be changed you would say,
“When will she be able to go to the potty?”
Our final days with baby sister will always be remembered
Her demanding cry, her feistiness, her appetite, her quick temper
The day she left, we were together as a family
She died in front of us all-we all feel so unhappy
As days go by, Mommy and Daddy can see the sadness in your gorgeous eyes
When you gaze at her pictures, her clothes, her toys etc., - Mommy can feel your silent cries
I know you are hurting my son
This is a pain that hurts us all-the burden weighs a ton
You occasionally open up and say, “Mommy, I miss my baby sister!”
Yes, honey, I know ... we all miss her
“Mommy I wish she was here to play”...
I know of your loss my son; I don’t know why her soul did not want to stay!
Both Mommy and Daddy know how bad you must feel
This is a loss like no other, it will be a while before we all can heal
One day you said, “Mommy, I need some pink medicine.” W
hen I gave you a tiny amount of the medicine, you said, “Thank you Mommy, now I feel better.”
If only there was something we all can take for this severe and constant pain
Just knowing that an important member of our family is gone-is driving me insane
My dear sweet son, you are truly grieving in your own special way
This is heartbreaking to us all, Mommy and Daddy can’t make this one okay
Mommy and Daddy will always love and cherish every moment with your baby sister and you Even though you are so young, yet so very bright-YOU MISS HER TOO!

Love, Mommy