Phillip Richard Hansen
By Grandpa Paul Hansen 
In memory of my Grandson Phillip Richard Hansen 

You came and were gone so quickly
I scarcely saw your passage.
But you have greatly surprised me for
You must have quietly stolen into my heart
And secured there a place for yourself
When I was not looking.

Now that you have taken flight,
I am aware of you by your absence –
By the empty place in my heart,
that brings tears to my eyes
and grips my throat with its tight hands,
Leaving me sad beyond all expectations.

When I thought I had created none,
I must have had many.
I am aware now that I will not have the opportunity
to introduce you to the magic of a fly dropped on a stream,
reflecting the majestic mountains, clouds and blue sky,
To tempt the trout that lies there waiting.
Nor to lift you with me on the wings of my airplane,
For you flye already, free from the body that was beautiful
But was not a suitable vehicle for you yet.

Nor will I listen with you to the sounds of the forest at night,
The wail of a coyote,
the crackling of the campfire,
The flapping of the tent in the wind,
And, yes, even the whine of the mosquitoes.

Nor will I have a chance to try to answer your thousand questions:
That begin with “Grandpa, why…?”

So I must bid you farewell and cry my tears of grief
At your coming and going so quickly,
so that I may be ready to greet you
If and when you are ready to come again.

Please know that you have a ploace in my heart and life forever,
And I will always cherish you.
– Your Grandpa Paul

Phillip Richard Hansen Son of David and Wilma Hansen, October 29, 1995