By Russell Brandenstein (Grandpa) 
In memory of Joseph Daniel Mobley September 2nd, 2002  
I never got to see you smile,
To run and jump and hide.
The love for you I'll always have,
I keep locked up inside.

Even though my arms were never filled
with your embrace,
And even though I've never seen
the smile upon your face,

I rest assured the angels play
and keep you by their side,
And in my heart you fill me full
of joy and love and pride.

I go to where you're put to rest.
The tears roll down my face.
No other child to walk this earth
Could ever take your place.

That smile that glows from your face,
it lights the sky at night.
It is the star that always seems
to be so very bright.
I know you're looking down at me,
as I look up to you.
If only space was put aside,
my dreams would sure come true.

I love you, son, and always will.
I think of you each day.
My love is strong. My thoughts are clear.
In each and every way.
I say goodbye, but not so long.
I keep you in my heart.
You are my son, dear Joey,
Our love will never part.
Mommy, Correy, Paige, & Ivy love you and miss you so very much. We will never forget you!