Jessy and Me
By Annette Casstevens 
I see a tear streaming down her face,
As she holds your blanket near.
She holds your “Red Bear” oh so tight,
Wishing that you could be here.

Each night as she prepares to go to sleep,
She always remembers you in her prayers.
You’re her precious little baby brother,
And she wants you to know she cares.

She remembers the times she held you,
And rocked you ‘til you were asleep.
The soft, gentle kisses on your sweet little head,
Are the beautiful memories she keeps.

Your sister, Jessica, loves you so much,
And she misses you every day.
She wears an angel ring to remind her of,
Her little brother who is far away.

Sometimes I feel that she holds back,
All the pain that is in her heart.
I want to help to ease her pain,
But sometimes I don’t know where to start.

It breaks my heart to see her cry,
And hurt as I know she does.
The only thing I can do to help her,
Is to hug and hold her near.

I need to be strong and happy for her,
But sometimes that’s so hard to do.
Grief has a mind of its own sometimes,
And my heart is crying out for you.

I hope I can help your Sissy,
As she is helping me,
To find some happiness once again,
Now that it’s just Jessy and me.