A Cherished Friend Who Is Now A Mother In Pain
By Tamara Wright 
I feel the hurt you are going through,
About a child, Cheyenne Marie.
A precious baby sent from Heaven above,
Filled with your sweet love.
I don’t understand what our
Heavenly Father has in mind,
To take your baby is so unkind.
They say He works in mysterious ways,
And I’m sure that doesn’t help the pain that stays.
In time the mental pain will begin to fade away,
I’m sorry if that seems heartless to say.
But the emotional pain and love in your heart for
Cheyenne will never fade,
Only grow stronger, day by day.
You held your precious baby in your arms,
And you made a bond so strong.
Now Cheyenne is an angel above,
She’s looking down on Mommy with love.
One day you’ll meet again in a glorious place,
And again, you’ll see your sweet baby’s face.

Love You Carrie…