We had planned to dress you
By Yolanda Castro-Arce 
We had planned to dress you
like a pumpkin for Halloween.
It was your father's idea,
I preferred dressing you like a lion.

We had planned to take a picture of you
holding a turkey leg for Thanksgiving.
All the time, thanking God for you,
our miracle baby.

We had planned to dress you
like an elf for Christmas.
That was my idea,
your father preferred dressing you like Santa.

We had planned a big first birthday
with balloons, a clown and lots of gifts.
We had never planned
to say goodbye to you.

Now we fear the holidays
and your anniversaries.
No matter how much time goes by
or what the future brings,
You will always be absent during those days.

We will always miss you and the things we planned
but were never able to do.