By Darla Oldham, 1991 
I had a little baby
But something sure went wrong.
He cannot hear a whisper,
And his body's not too strong.

He loves his Mom and Daddy
As his twinkling eyes reveal.
And his precious little smile
Could melt a heart of steel.

But I wish some people understood
The pain I feel inside.
For on the day that he was born
Another baby died.

The one that I'd envisioned,
The one we had planned for
He'd be a handsome athlete
That the girls would all adore.

But in his place a child was left
Struggling to survive.
A floppy little rag doll,
But at least he was “Alive”.

I cannot make him better
But my strength can be his own.
I'll swing with him and slide with him
And love him 'til I'm gone.

So understand that every time
You see my smiling face
There'll always be some grief in me
Just put up in its place.

I keep it there 'til I'm alone
And then I have to cry
For all the things he cannot do
And fear that he will die.

I'm thankful for some friends of ours
And they know who they are.
They help me to get through each day.
They think my son's a “star”.

In this world and in this town
And even in my home,
There are others who know my pain.
I am not alone.

But we have seen a whole new light
Through children such as mine.
There's so much we must learn about life
And, oh so little time.
We all have things that we must learn.
These kids are here to teach us.
Let's open up our hearts and minds;
and let the good Lord reach us.