Ode to Megan Applebee
Keith Finnegan 
I remember the announcement. The arrival of Megan Applebee! Such joy, such pride in her Daddy’s note. Such promise, such love.
Then came the word of Megan’s challenge. How would they cope? How would they adjust? Still Hopeful, still joyful. Nothing can take that away. She’s still Daddy’s girl.

A routine visit to the hospital. What could be wrong? It wasn’t supposed to be. Two weeks at home. All was fine and then….
ICU. Tests and doctors. Ventilator. Still hopeful. So young to be hooked up to so many machines. Prayer goes forth. Jesus is still on the throne.

Treatments have no effect. Megan has a mind of her own. Why won’t her body respond? More Prayer. More questions. Few answers. The doctors do their best.
Her darkest hour. Three hours to live. How could this be happening? She is loved and wanted. We see the promise beyond her challenges. Does God hear our prayer?

Still fighting. She’s no quitter. But her body gives out. Eleven hours instead of three. We feel the pain. Why so soon? Time to let go. Jesus is still on the throne.
Safe in the arms of Jesus. No pain. Joy. Peace. Playing happily. Looking forward to seeing Mom, Dad and sister. Still hopeful, still joyful. Nothing can take that away. She’s still Daddy’s girl.

Such a tiny coffin. What if she were my daughter? Pictures, video, flowers, toys and tears. There’s a purpose to Megan’s brief life. What could it be?
Many pay their respects-Family, friends. Letters, songs, words of love. Hard to contain emotions. Mom and Dad shine with the grace and peace of God. Jesus is still on the throne.

Message of hope. Many respond. New believers! Part of her purpose is now known. Comfort, yet the pain of loss. God works in mysterious ways.
Time to say good-bye. But not forever. This life is short. No guarantees. But eternity. Still hopeful, still joyful. Nothing can take that away. She’s still Daddy’s girl.

I feel the warm sun on my face. The sky looks more blue, the clouds more majestic. My life has been touched, and I will never be the same. I don’t fully understand, but I know God is good. Jesus is still on the throne.

Megan Noelle Applebee, daughter of Richard and Margaret Applebee and little sister to 3-year-old Courtney, was born August 14, 1996 and died September 20, 1996. Keith Finnegan, a friend of her parents, wrote this in memory of Megan. Megan was born with Down Syndrome and a heart defect. Doctors theorize that an infection triggered the heart failure, and continued setbacks throughout her hospital stay weakened her ability to survive. The Applebee family also includes her siblings in Heaven, Brandon, Stephanie and Lindsey.