To: My Tyler, Good-bye
By Montse Madden 
A year now has past, and
I still miss you so.
I never told your “Good-bye”
My heart just couldn’t let you go.

I tell you “Good-bye” now,
But only for awhile.
Someday we’ll be together
And we can share all the smiles.

So Good-bye my sweet Tyler,
Good-bye my sweet boy,
I’ll rock you in Heaven,
It will bring me such joy.

Good-bye to my dreams of what you would be,
Good-bye to the days of ever hearing, “Mommy”.

Good-bye to my hopes of what we would do,
Good-bye to all the treasures life held for you.

Good-bye to no-no’s, kisses, and owie tears
Good-bye to all we’d share, over the years.

Good-bye to the times you’d sit on my lap,
Good-bye to watching you peacefully nap.

Good-bye to first steps, birthdays, and stroller rides.
Good-bye to us snuggling side by side.

Good-bye to baby talks, giggles, and mommy cries.
My dear little Tyler,
It’s just so hard to say “Good-bye”.

Good-bye to tomorrows for you and me.
Yesterday came and told us it was not to be.

But listen for me-
My darling Angel-so heavenly bright,
“Hello” will be such a beautiful sight.


(Written on the 1 year anniversary of Tyler’s death)

Tyler Stanley Madden, son of Rick and Montse Madden, was born prematurely at 27 weeks on January 7, 1996. He spent four months in the hospital and three months at home, before we lost him on August 1, 1996. He died of Pneumonia as his fragile lungs weren’t able to fight it off.