Angel, Angel
By Caitlin Reinhart 
I see little blinking star lights,
And angels guide those balls of bright.

I wonder if my angel is up there too,
And I’m always thinking of you.

I lay down, I dream of you.

You’re dressed in beautiful white,
And surrounded by a soft glow of light.

And we talk and I listen and learn and watch.

Angel, Angel, can I go with you?
Under the stars above the moon?

Angel, Angel, you said no
Why do you not want me to go?

Angel, Angel, now I see you want me to stay on
So you can stay forever with me.

Always guiding, loving, caring-
Never straying far
My Little Angel

“Do not dwell in the past, but carry the past into the future as memories.”
Caitlin is 12 years old; daughter of Christine and William Reinhart, her siblings are Erin, Brendan and Maura. Her sister, Hope Marie was stillborn July 7, 1986 and brother Patrick William was premature and died shortly after birth on May 18, 1987.