Joy and Sorrow
By Jacquelyn Diette 
Dear Sarah Joy,

A child of grace…

I know I will not hold your hand
Or see your laughing baby face,
For God arranged a final plan
Too special for this mortal’s land.

He holds your precious innocence
Transcendent in His warm embrace.
Your eyes never saw the morning dawn
Nor breath revealed your tiny yawn.

Sweet child, from us you have been torn
To live a life of one reborn,
For life and death are truly one
As when the river to the sea did run.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe
Until we meet at the eternal gate,
There, where there is no darkness and
No fear, ‘tis at that time
I’ll hold my angel baby Sarah dear.

My love,
Your Nana

This poem was written by Sarah Joy Pinali’s
Grandmother after her stillbirth, September 15, 1993.