Our Little Angel
by Carl Mazzariello 
in memory of Colin Edward Stinson 
How does a child get to touch so many lives
if only for a short time on this earth.
From the moment of conception, he brings joy to every heart
and that joy is unsurpassed at the time of his birth.

The fragile, tiny whimper as he comes into the world
is joyous music to his Mom and Dad.
His wrinkled, tiny body is a wonder to behold
then the whimper turns to screaming, like he’s mad!

In another room, an Uncle, Gramp and Gram with anxious hearts
are waiting for the news they pray will come,
That Mom and Baby are just fine, he’s off to a good start
and they just can’t wait until he’s taken home.

But, for some, the story’s different and that joy they’d hoped to share
is shattered by some horrifying news.
His little lungs aren’t working, not a moment can be spared
they must decide precisely what to do.

With skillful hands, the doctors work to upend what went wrong;
they work against all odds to save this life.
The effort they put forth is tireless and long
but this day ends in torment and in strife.

So Mommy holds and loves him, his fragile spirit’s free;
she sings her favorite lullabies to him.
And she wonders why, in modern times, this ever has to be
that her precious baby’s life abruptly ends.

There’s no real understanding for this heinous tragedy;
why some are blessed, while others bear the pain.
It’s hoped God shares the answers to this tragic mystery
why, on this earth, this babe could not remain.

Until you find the answers that satisfy for you
please know you’re loved by family and your friends.
We can’t begin to know the pain you’re going through
but we’ll walk beside you ‘round life’s every bend!

And, someday soon we know there’ll be a child on your knee
who’ll help you bring joy back to one another.
He’ll have more vim and vigor than you ever thought could be
cause he’ll live life for himself and his “Big Brother!