Dear Momma,
by Sharon Kitchens 
Dear Momma,

I know how much you love me
And I know how much you care.

I know that you’re still wishing
That I could be down there.

I know this day is hard for you
And I know you’ll probably cry.

And Jesus knows you’re hurting too
And He understands just why.

I wish that I could be there
To wipe away your tears.

But I’m up here with Jesus now
And in some future year,

We all will be together
And there will be no more tears.

And we’ll get to know each other
Like we always wanted to,

But for now just know I love you
And Jesus loves you too.

My Father here in Heaven
Watches over me for you.

And He’s sending someone to you
That I already know.

Someone you and Daddy can love
And touch and hold.

A little person bright and new
Whose life you two will mold.

So please remember Mommy
This new baby on your knee,

Is bringing to you from above
A little part of me.

Your Little Angel,

This poem was written by Sharon Kitchens, Aunt of Kandice M. Tolen-D’Aiuto, whose first daughter Rowan Margaret was stillborn July 28, 1995. This poem was given to Kandice for Mother’s Day.