Dear Nicholas,
Diane (Mommy) Morelli 
Dear Nicholas,

I have sorted through your baby clothes so many times,
And imagined what you would look like dressed in them,
They are all washed and folded and buttoned,
waiting for you…

I look at your sonogram picture over and over again,
Your heart was beating then,
You were alive,
What made it stop?

I look at the little boys playing football on the street,
And wish that under one of their helmets was your face,
I long to stand and cheer as you make the winning touchdown,
And say “That’s my son!”

I dressed you up for Halloween in my mind,
You were Winnie the Pooh,
I think about hanging your Baby’s First Christmas Ornament,
On our tree at least 100 times a day.

I sort through the pictures they gave us in the hospital,
You look so at peace,
I wonder what I am saving all these little remembrances for,
You will never have children of your own to show them.

No one will ever understand, except for your father and I,
But then, how could we expect them to?
Our hearts ache so much that it is painful.

We now have a bond that we will share for the rest of our lives,
We lost a beautiful baby boy,
A bond that I would gladly give up to have you alive again.

Life is unfair,
I ask myself everyday when I awake,
Dear Nicholas…Why?

Love, Mommy

Nicholas Rocco Morelli is the son of Diane and Vincent Morelli and was stillborn on October 16, 1996 at 20 weeks. He died from a knot in his cord.