To My Little Angel, Rachel Ann Campbell
Rachel Ann Campbell, stillborn April 12, 1989 
It's been several years since the day you died
And in all these years, Lord how I've cried.
I remember holding you in my arms
But you are in Heaven, free from harm
There will never be another to replace you
Another death I could not go through.
But I remember the feeling of carrying you inside
I was on top of the world, this I could not hide
I will never forget the anticipating I felt
But it was a tragic hand we were dealt
You will be in my mind forever
My dear sweet baby girl, Rachel Ann.
Oh how I long to hold you close
To do all the things a mommy should do
To play in the park or got for a ride
To just lay close as you fall asleep in my arms
The longing is so deep it hurts so much
I miss you my love, Rachel Ann.