The Image of a Child
Chuck Hockema 
Long before the world began,
All of God's children knew of his plan.
A plan to come to earth to live,
To learn, to love, to share, to give.

Mothers were chosen, each child to conceive;
Each child would be given a chance to achieve
That portion of life no matter how brief,
To be a real person, to prove this belief.

To prove that all people born to this earth
Are children of God, each life of great worth.
Some would be fathers, some would be mothers,
Still others are born to be sisters or brothers.

Sometimes a life ends before it's begun,
Dreams are broken of that daughter or son.
The name had been picked for a girl or a boy,
Even bought diapers, furniture and toys.

And now all that's left is the hurt and the pain.
Good people try to help, then try to explain.
Some say it wasn't meant to be,
Some say, "Wait awhile, you'll forget, you'll see."

But deep in the heart of a father and mother,
Is the image of a child unlike any other.
The image of that child lives on in their hearts.
The need is real, their love to impart.

To impart to that child
Their love, and their giving.
The image of that child
In their hearts will be living.