God's Precious Baby
Carol J. O'Leary 
A baby is more precious than all things on earth.
You were my cherished baby from conception until birth.
I know you're with God, and it must be in His plan,
To try and accept it is all that I can.

A baby angel in Heaven, how sweet you must be.
I know that you are forever protected and free.
I would have preferred you to stay here with your family,
But I know in God's will, that wasn't to be.

Will time ease the pain? Maybe someday it will.
But there is a place in my heart that nothing can fill.
I've thought of some names and who you might be,
You are already so special to me.

I've made so many plans that all center around you.
Now, I'm not sure what next I should do.
My heart is broken, as never before.
I had no idea I could love so much more.

One day I'll have another baby and watch her grow old.
But my aching for you can never be told.
Goodbye to you, my sweet, precious baby, my love.
Walk with God and the angels forever above.