Kathie Meyer 
Preston Richard, May 6, 1997 
You've left your footprints on my heart
I wish that we would never have to be apart
You were taken from me by the wings of love
To join the angels in the heavens above

Souls long past were there to meet
This Angel with arms do greet
From your place aloft with cherubs blessed
Forever in an eternal peaceful rest

Your spirit has become a seraph sacred
Watching, guiding and advising me constant
Ensuring my continued success
This is when I realize that I'm truly elevated

The changes came not as a burst
Their subtleties were barely noticeable at first
The true indications
of your angelic existence
Of your spiritual occurrence
In the dailyness of life do emerge

I visualize your presence in the morning bird
Singing joyfully at the sunrise heard
Or the butterfly that dances
So carefully on the breeze do whist
Or the rainbow of colors
That brightens a stormy morn
Delicately reaching around the mountain's horn
Or the final few rays of the setting sun
Lighting up the skies with a magical glow
Edging over the oceans horizon

Sometimes our souls are moved to dance
To awaken to a new understanding by chance
With the passing whisper of the wisdom of another
This transformation I've experienced as your mother